Operating Policy

To bring up and train high-quality employees, manufacture high-quality products,

create a high-level enterprise and strive to create highly-noted brands


Customers: The Satisfaction and Recognition of customers are the most gauges measuring the achievements in our work.

Employees: They are the most important wealth of our company. The improvement of quality and professional knowledge of the employees is the growth of wealth of our company and the welfare and treatment and living quality of the employees are the concrete embodiment of the operation achievements of our company.

Products: The Continuously innovated products are the developing course of our company.

Quality: The quality of our products and service are the lifeline of the development of our company.

Brands: The brands are mirrors reflecting the products and service of our company.

Market: We will seek and expand the markets most suitable to us and strive to occupy the largest market share.

Management: The management is the basic policy of all business activities, aimed at being conducted in a high-tech, professional, group and international way.

For our customers
We guarantee that every product produced and sold by our company is the safest and best conforming to quality standards. We guarantee that we will keep improving and perfecting products with constant innovation, diligent R&D and firm determination.
For our colleagues
We guarantee that we will respect the characters of all of our employees, prove reasonable rewards and honest treatment to them. We will try our best to provide all qualified employees with opportunities for development. We will honor our promises to train a team of high-quality and diversified talents. We will shape a cultural air in an all-round way in the company of upholding outstanding performance, encouraging leadership, promoting innovation and advocating a parallel balance between personal life and work. It is our duty to provide a leader group of outstanding ability and talent and full of friendliness and to create a clean and safe working environment.
For our suppliers and cooperators
We highly praise honesty, carefulness, and efficiency and operation principles comforting to professional and moral standards and guarantee to respect their interests. We are determined to establish and maintain the trust and credit necessary for successful business exchanges.
For our stockholders
Based on constantly increased profits, backed by enormous capital and depending on high efficient productivity and advanced management and R&D, we are determined to be dedicated with the force of the entire company to intensify the competitive advantage and increase the interests of shareholders.
For the communities we live and work, and the world we serve
We guarantee to be honest and responsible citizens of an enterprise, helping socially useful causes and providing active and highly efficient support to establish a clean and healthy environment. We guarantee to act according to the highest-level career morals and cold of conduct to make the policies and operational principles of our company fully embody the duty and the honest and good enterprise image which an independent enterprise should have, for the purpose of winning and keeping the trust to our company from the society.
Core Values
Only the honest devotion by the entire staff can we get a good opportunity of taking an occupation and a good environment for work.
Being realistic, working sincerely and reliably and having the courage to take responsibility are the primary standards for measuring the qualification of our employees.
It is the permanent aspiration for all the staff to honor the disciplines and obey the laws, have moral integrity, be self-possessed and strive to make contributions to the society.
All cadres must be models who are the most responsible, the most courageous to take hardships, work hard and most active in studying and learning.
Those cadres and employees who do not honor principles, be intent on nothing but profit, do harm to the interests of the company, or damage company images will be seen as the most shameful persons and will be criticized by all the staff.
Our company does not provide surviving earth for those who boast, comply in public but oppose in private, be opportunistic. Neither the staff nor the leaders will not recommend or promote such persons. This is the principle of employing people.
The company's management system and regulations are the lifeline of our enterprise. Every employee of ours should regard them as high voltage lines and sharp double-edge swords and follow them instead of violating them.
All employees must know that their high-performance and sweat for diligent work are devoted to the society and our future. It is an unparalleled feeling of honor to be devoted to our enterprise and an unpraralled pride to see our company thriving.
The chairman of the Changfa Group calls on the whole staff to get a deep understanding of the connotation of our enterprise culture, try our best to perform better, to behave with an open-mind and to act sincerely and reliably.
It is the basis for the development of our enterprise that all the employees of the group study conscientiously and establish a good enterprise culture.